May 06, 2008


It might have been the wide-bodied jet aeroplane that brought cheap transport to the masses but airships are undeniably cool. Cruising the globe not crammed in like cattle, but sipping cocktails in an elegant lounge while the world slides serenely below you. They are also environmentally friendly as the Moonbat points out in a desperate attempt to show that not all greens are complete luddites who would rather that we all lived in caves and spent our evenings in incest. Then after showing all the advantages of airships he tries to end on a more downbeat note as to their viability.

Is this proposal just a flight of fancy? Because airships feature in no official document, because they have not been considered by either government or major industry, I have no way of knowing.

However to me that is a positive endorsement, it is not just one eccentric trying to bring back airships using somebody else's money for political gain. There are four separate private companies competing against each other all of which have been able to show enough promise so as to attract investment without the need for government subsidy. There are smart people that have worked the financial situation through and found it to be good enough to put their own money on the line. Airships could really be about to take off again!

H/T The Devil


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